Sunday, September 04, 2011

Maritime Alps Tour

As with the Pyrenees trip, the entries from this trip are edited (and expanded) transcriptions from the notebook that we kept while we were underway.

  1. Nice
  2. Vievola -> Gias de Peirefique
  3. Gias de Peirefique -> Refuge des Merveilles
  4. Refuge des Merveilles -> Refuge de Nice
  5. Refuge de Nice -> Baisse des Cinq Lacs
  6. Baisse des Cinq Lacs -> St. Martin Vesubie
  7. Nice (resupply day)
  8. La Madone de Fenestre -> Les Lacs Bressons
  9. Les Lacs Bressons -> Vallone del Gesso della Valletta
  10. Vallone del Gesso della Valletta -> Lago inf. di Valscura
  11. Lago inf. di Valscura -> Rifugio D. L. Blanco
  12. Rifugio D. L. Blanco -> S. Anna di Valdieri
  13. Travel day to Valle Maira
  14. Sentiero Pier Giorgio Frassati
  15. Rain day
  16. Sentiero Dino Icardi (partial)
  17. To the Monte Bellino
  18. Sentiero Roberto Cavallero (partial) + Sentiero Dino Icardi (partial)
  19. Around the Rocca la Meja
  20. Travel back to Basel
This was one of those "be flexible" vacations: our original plan was to do a rock-climbing course in Provence during the first week, then do two weeks of backpacking in the Maritime Alps. When the course was cancelled the week before we left, we decided to just do three weeks of backpacking. After around two weeks with the packs and tent we decided to use a hut/hotel as a base camp for the last week and do hikes from there.
Combined track for the backpacking section:
And for the dayhikes:

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