Sunday, November 17, 2002

Vacation in Mexico: 8-17 November, 2002

Went for 10 days to Mexico. Flew into Guadalajara, spent a couple of days exploring the town, strolled over the huge and amazing market, and sampled the local specialties (e.g. birria, a goat stew in a spicy sauce). Then took the bus on a hair-raising/stomach-churning trip across the mountains (really don't remember much of the scenery from this... we were both green and queasy most of the trip) and down to the coast to San Patricio/Melaque. Had a couple of very nice quiet days, explored the beach and the adjacent cliffs, walked along the bay to the more touristy Barra de Navidad, ate in little restaurants on the beach, watched big birds fish etc. Then back to Guadalajara and back home.