Sunday, April 29, 2007

Long Weekend in the Jura

Saturday, April 28:
Spent the afternoon in Neuchâtel, dinner with Tom Ward and his family.

Sunday, April 29:
Môtiers (737 m) to Poëta Raisse (1084 m) to La Combaz (1223 m) to Les Rochat (1164 m) to Le Soliat (1463 m) to Creux du Van and Ferme du Soliat (1382 m). ~7h including ~ 1h lunch. ~20 km.

Monday, April 30:
Ferme du Soliat (1382 m) to Noiraigue (733 m) to Les Tablettes (1288 m) to La Tourne (1129 m) to La Grande Sagneule (1313 m) to Mont Racine (1439 m) to Hotel Tet de Ran (1325 m). ~ 8 1/2h including 1h breaks. ~24 km.

Tuesday, May 1:
Hotel Tete de Ran (1325 m) to Vue des Alpes (1283 m) to Gare de Convers (1047 m) to Les Convers (1012 m) past Renan to Sonvilier (802 m) to St-Imier (793 m). ~ 5h, including 1/2h breaks.
This was a fairly leisurely hike down into and then along the valley of St-Imier. It was really nice to walk in the sun through the fields.

We (that's the peasant "we") forgot the camera, so there are no pictures. "Fortunately" it was hazy enough that we didn't have any really spectacular long views. On Sunday and Monday we could hardly see the other side of Lake Neuchatel. Tuesday was a bit clearer, but there was still no chance to see all the way to the Alps.
We didn't take any pictures, so here're some from the web (from wikipedia and
Poëta Raisse

Creux du Van

Along the Jura Höhenweg

Friday, April 20, 2007

Boone, NC: 19 June-22 June

This wasn't a hiking trip, but a long weekend back in NC for Lindley's wedding.
The trip was too short, but we saw family and friends and ate very well whilst there.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rheinfelden -> Gelterkinden through the cherry blossoms

The cherry trees are blooming in the Basel area and it's a beautiful day, so we went out into the hills.

From Rheinfelden (280m) we headed up the Sunnenberg (632m) where we had a lovely snack to reward ourselves for climbing the hill. Not only was the bratwurst grilled over wood and the beer and cider nice and cold, but the place was cheap by Swiss standards (CHF4.50 for the bratwurst and CHF3.50 for a beer or cider). What a find!

After recharging our batteries we went down the other side of the Sunnenberg to Buus (440 m), then up again towards Schlegel (591 m) where we picked up the Jurahöhenweg and went on to the Farnsburg (642 m). This is a very nicely situated ruin with great views. It wasn't completely clear, but we could see the high Alps peeping over from behind the main chain of the Jura. This would be fantastic view on a day when the Fön is blowing.

We had entertained ideas of heading from there over the Höhi and on to the Sissacher Flue, but it was pretty damn hot and the climb up to Farnsburg, mostly on roads, had taken a lot out of us, so we wimped out and walked down to Gelterkinden (403 m) and took the train back home.

Coincidentally, Gelterkinden was the start point of our last hike in this area.

Blooming Cherry Trees

View from the Farnsburg ruins over the Baselbiet and Jura-Range

Monday, April 09, 2007

Osterwanderung im Tessin (April 6-9)

Hüttenwanderung mit Elke und Andreas im Val Colla, Tessin.

Karfreitag, April 6:
Anreise nach Lugano-Paradiso. Nachmittags Stadtbummel und Spaziergang an der Seepromenade.

Ostersamstag, April 7:
Mit der Seilbahn auf den Monte Bre (925 m), von dort zum Bre Paese (785 m), um den Monte Boglia herum zur Alpe Bolla (1129 m) (ca. 7km, 2 1/2h). Nach einer Mittagspause an den Denti della Vecchia (1395 m) vorbei zur Capanna Pairolo (1347 m) (ca. 5km, 2h)

Ostersonntag, April 8:
Durch etwas Schnee unterhalb des Cima di Fojorina zur Capanna San Lucio (1542 m) (ca. 6km, 2 1/2h). Dort grosses Osterfestessen.
Mit Greg ein Stück hoch Richtung Gazzirola, ansonsten gemütlicher Nachmittag in der Capanna San Lucio.

Ostermontag, April 9:
Zu zweit unterhalb von Gazzirola zur Alpe Pietrarossa (1549 m), über den Cima di Moncucco (1715 m) auf den Monte Bar (1826 m) (ca. 9km, 3 1/2h). Mittagspause vor der Capanna Monte Bar (1600 m). Nachmittags runter zur Bushaltestelle in Corticiasca (1030 m) (1h) und zurück über Lugano nach Basel.

Denti della Vecchia

Through the last patches of snow.

Auf dem Sattel bei der Capanna San Lucio.