Saturday, February 28, 2015

St. Imier to Courtelary via the Chasseral

After a long run of weekends with absolutely crap weather, we finally got one where things were at least acceptable. The forecast called for an overcast morning clearing up in the afternoon. So off we went to do some snowshoeing in the Jura. We've started a trip here before (and ended one as well), but this is our first winter trip.

We start our way out of town and then head up, up, up for a while before needing to put on the snowshoes. Then it's up some more, cross a ski-slope (well a road that people are skiing down), lunch under a tree (still no sun) and then up, up some more until we hit the ridge. For the last bit we can smell the french fries cooking at the hotel up top, so there's nothing for it but to stop for some fries and beverages. After the nice break, we head along the ridge to the Chasseral before starting the long descent to Courtelary. At around 5pm the sun finally makes itself visible. Yay! a bit of sun!

It was great to get out and move our legs, even if the weather didn't play along.
finally, sun and blue sky