Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hiking in Tenerife: Montaña de Guajara


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hiking in Tenerife: Paisaje Lunar


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas/New Years in Tenerife: Climbing

We fled the Northern European darkness for some sun and climbing in Tenerife.

Sunday, 21.12

Arico Arriba
Sector Mini to the right of Sus Villa (right hand side of canyon), 2x no name (no. 7 and 8), 4+ and 5- (Tanz) or IV and V (Roxtar)
Sector Escuela (left hand side of canyon), "Smearing", no. 4, V and "Pacha", no. 3, V
Both Vorstieg and top rope each (exception Andrea no Vorstieg of V with no name)

we are not the only ones in Arico Arriba

Monday, 22.12

Sector Yerto (left hand side of canyon)
- "asi pone el ayuntamiento los bancos", no 6, V- (both vorstieg and top rope)
- "el 5 de Clark", no 5, V (both vorstieg and top rope)
- "sin animo del lucro, sin animo de etica", no 4, V- (both vorstieg and top rope, at the end of the day)
attempt at sector Martillo (right hand side of canyon), "Quinto de travesia", no 15, V (both failed after 3rd bolt)
sector Paloma (right hand side), "en busca de la alianza perdida", no 21, V (Andrea vorstieg after some trying..., both top rope)
climbing with cacti at Fantasma

Tuesday, 23.12.

New area in Barranco de Tamadaya near La Degollada
Sector Aparat (at very end of climbing area)
- "Unicornio" (last one on left hand side), no.21, V
- "Prejuicios" (last one on right hand side,) no. 20, V+
- "el arbolito" (left hand side), no. 23, V
- "universo parallelo" (left), no. 25, V+
Both Vorsteig and top rope on all, exception: the last one, vorstieg greg only, Andrea top rope in hiking boots.....

Climbing in the in Barranco de Tamadaya

Wednesday, 24.12.

Thursday, 25.12.

Lazy Rest Day (TM)

Friday, 26.12.

Arico Arriba (in the morning)
Sector Los Quintos
- "La Guarra", no. 4 IV+, both vorstieg and top rope
- "Pa empezar", no. 6 V-,  both vorstieg and top rope
- "Iniciación", no. 5 V-, greg only vorstieg
Barranco de Tamadaya near La Degollada (afternoon)
Sector Apapart (left hand side)
- "El Universo"
- "Unisex"
- attempt at "El Pequeno Putlitz"

Saturday, 27.12.

El Hoyo
Sector La Traviesa, route "Picolo", no. 13, 4 (Tanz) greg vorstieg, Andrea top rope
Attempt at "Diedro" (sector Arizona), no. 8, 4, (Tanz) both failed after 1st bolt
Sector Yerto (again)
- no. 04, 05, 06, (repeat from Monday, both vorstieg and top rope)
- no. 03 "Yertoman", no. 03, V (greg vorstieg, Andrea top rope)

Sunday, 28.12.

Hiking on the Cañadas Caldera

lunch break with a view to el Pico del Teide

Monday, 29.12.

Climbing in the afternoon in the Barranco de Tamadaya near La Degollada
Sector Cuarto Largo (right hand side)
- "TCH", no. 10, IV+, almost 30 m (both vorstieg and top rope )
- "der Spagat", no. 8, V, about the same length (both vorstieg and top rope )
- "Mystical slab", no.7, 6a (both top rope)

Tuesday, 30.12.

Arico Arriba
Sector Peña del Lunes  (left hand side): 
- "Rebecca", no. a, V ( both vorstieg and top rope )
Sector Vivac Derecha (right hand side):
- "Monkey", no. 43, V+ (Greg vorstieg, both top rope )
- "Mónica Diabólica", no. 40, V (both vorstieg and top rope )
"Mónica Diabólica"

Wednesday, 31.12.

City/rest day in Santa Cruz
market in Santa Cruz

Thursday, 01.01.

Climbing in the afternoon in the Barranco de Tamadaya near La Degollada
Sector Tubería (left hand side)
- failed both at "La Cleta", no. 41, V+ (Andrea didn't try too hard though...)
Sector Cuarto Largo (right hand side)
- "der Spagat", no. 8, V  (repeat, greg vorstieg, andrea top rope )
- "Mystical slab", no. 7, 6a (greg vorstieg, andrea top rope)
Sector Tubería (right hand side)
- "Transworld", no. 3, V (both vorstieg)
Greg at the top of "der Spagat"

Friday, 02.01.

El Hoyo
Sector La Traviesa
- route to the right of "Fisurini", not in any book, IV or easy V (both vorstieg and top rope)
- "Fisurini", no. 36, V+ ( greg vorstieg, andrea top rope)
- greg had another go at "Diedro" (sector Arizona), no. 8, 4, (Tanz), didn't get anywhere....
Sector Pajaritos (at the very end to the right)
- "Mandate una papa", no. 50, V (both vorstieg and top rope)
- "Nui-Nui", no. 49, V (both vorstieg and top rope)
- "Espolón Fantasma", no. 48, 6a+ (greg vorstieg, Andrea top rope). This is the first 6+ route greg has completed in vorsteig without having top-roped it first.

getting to the end of the Barranco de Piedra Bermeja