Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maritime Alps Tour Day 7: Nice

This is the day we visit the beach during our backpacking trip in the mountains... grrr

We take the early (7am) bus back to Nice. Really nice road in the park: between cliffs, over bridges, through an impressive gorge, etc. We're in central Nice at around 9am.

After a coffee/tea we do some wandering around the slowly awakening pedestrian zone until it's time to go try and find a gas cylinder. Our first try, in a sports store that should have some: out of stock (still). Rather than screw around with a bunch of other small places, we head to an outdoor store that had been suggested last week, but that was a bit too long of a walk then. After a nice stroll through Nice we arrive and there they are: exactly the cylinders we want in three different sizes! Two different brands! Bonanza! We buy one 200g cylinder and one 400g cylinder (who knows if we'll be able to find these later in the trip, let's take care of the rest of the trip now) and then head out to kill five or six hours until the bus back in the evening.

Lots of strolling, market visit, peach eating, beach walking, people watching, lunch eating, trip re-planning, general fun in Nice. Towards time to go we head back to the Monoprix for the food re-supply (the place is nuts on Saturday afternoon!) and then to the train station. We have some time and the bus isn't there yet, so Greg insists on a stop in Flunch to have a beer. This is really just because the place is named Flunch.

Back on the bus, another drive, same nice road back to St. Martin. At the hotel we unpack, get organized and then go have a really nice dinner at the restaurant La Cave and then head to bed.

This ended up being a fun day (particularly after we had the gas cylinders), even if it was completely not part of the original plan for the trip.

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