Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moutier -> Mervelier

It was a beautiful spring day and the forecast called for a crappy weekend, so we played hooky from work and went hiking.
The primary goal was to get in the sun and move our legs, so we didn't go too far: we started in Moutier and followed the beginning parts of this hike to the tower at the peak. It's too hazy in the distance for Alp views today... too bad, but it's still great to be out walking in the sun. This time we continue along the ridge (classic Jura!), towards Le Petit Pre. There must have been quite some wind storms over the winter, because there are loads of downed trees; following the path involves a bit of weaving around, pushing through, and climbing over. At some point along the way we stop for a rest and snack in a nicely sloped field in the sun... ah! luxury!
At the end of the ridge we decide "more! farther!" instead of "gently down and back to Moutier". The path takes us steeply down to the other side. Here there are even more trees down, so we have some fun making it down. Past Le Petit Ramboden, around the corner, and then down to Envelier. From here it's up again towards La Petite Schönenberg. At the "restaurant" we stop for a rest and a cool beverage (ah! luxury!) before continuing onwards. Now it's mainly downhill, through the woods, across fields, down, down, until we hit Mervelier and the bus back towards home.

We might have pushed a bit much for an early season hike: our legs were certainly tired as hell, but boy was it great to be out moving and in the sun. :-)