Sunday, October 22, 2006

Schynige Platte -> Faulhorn -> Grosse Scheidegg

We did this walk in two days, spending the night at the Faulhorn.
Day 1:
Von Wilderswil (584 m) with the cog railway up to Schynige Platte (1967 m). On the Panorama Weg via Oberhornberg (2069 m) and Egg (2125 m) to Mändlenen (2344 m) and on to the Faulhorn (2680 ), stay overnight at Faulhorn Hotel (~ 4 “Alp-Hours”, 5 ½ “greg-and-andrea-hours”)
Day 2:
From Faulhorn (2680 m) via Bachsee (2265 m) to First (2167 m), then to Grosse Scheidegg (1962 m), by bus down to Grindelwald (1034 m). That was an easy, lazy Sunday stroll on a wheelchair-accessible autobahn, but very scenic.

Andrea and I on the ridge just past the Shynige Platte station, Brienzersee in background:

Sägistalsee, Brienzersee in background:

The Faulhorn, with the amazingly exposed Berghotel:

A view across to the Eiger (center-right), and Jungfrau (far right):