Saturday, June 07, 2003

Hiking Snow Mountain: 7-9 June, 2003

We went backpacking in the Snow Mountain Wilderness Area in the Mendocino National Forest.
We left home early and drove up there. On our walk in, Andrea almost stepped on a rattlesnake that Greg had disturbed. It was quite furious. After only a couple of hours, we came by a really nice stream that looked promising for some fishing, had a good camp spot up above a bit on a ledge, so we decided to be lazy and stay. We spend the afternoon playing around the river, fishing, swimming, exploring the million lady birds all gathered in one spot, etc...
The next day we went on a day hike up the the summit of Snow Mountain, encountered another rattlesnake too close by, came by some old snow patches, walked through a large part of burnt forest with weird white, sun-bleached tree trunks, saw nice wild flowers on a pretty meadow. Greg had a refreshing bath when we got back to our campsite.
After some lazing around and some more fishing in the morning, we packed up and walked out to the car again. Saw a doe and her faun really close by and were sad to chase them off "their" trail.
Back to the Bay Area.
lots of pretty lady birds