Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Arnigrat hates us

Today we made another attempt on the Arnigrat, after being turned away last time we tried. We started in Sachseln and the plan was to head up, past Oberschwanden and the Stucklikreuz to Stockalp and the Arnigrat. On the other side we'd then head over the Wandelen and down to Ällgi to stay the night. Sunday would then be another nice day towards Engelberg or something.

The weather forecast was for fog up to 1300-1500m and then clear skies. The Arnigrat is from 1800-2000, so that was no problem. We got to Sachseln (472m) and encountered the predicted fog. No problem! Up into the fog! At Gloters (780m) the fog cleared. Yay! But then we headed up into clouds. Clouds? Na, just more fog. Optimism!

Around about Unterschwanden (967m) things started to get muddy, and by the time we got past Oberschwanden (1100m) the path was really quite muddy. Still... onwards and upwards. Eventually we'll get above the fog! That illusion lasted until we hit the Stucklikreuz at 1800m. There we had lunch looking out over nothing and decided that doing another 2.5 hours through the clouds only to end up at a hut in the clouds was senseless. So we turned around and headed back.

This is about as good as it got... that's a bit of the Pilatus peering out between the fog layer and the cloud layer.


1400m up in four hours, 1400m down in 2.5 hours. Five hours total of train riding... we're back home. Turned back, again, by the Arnigrat.