Friday, September 16, 2011

Maritime Alps Tour Day 13: Travel day to Valle Meira

After packing and a reasonable breakfast, the guy from the hotel drives us down to the crossroads for Entracque and drops us off. Before leaving, he asks a local about the bus and confirms that it's still running. We wait a bit (we're early), the bus drives by the other way and the driver says he'll be back in five minutes. We now know that there *is* a bus, so we relax a bit. Then the five minutes pass and the bus doesn't come back; the doubts start again. At least we know that there is a bus up that valley and that we're standing on the only road out (we check the map to confirm that). After a while the bus does show up and the trip to Cuneo to pick up the rental car proceeds without undue drama.

The road to Acceglia is easy to find and follow and we arrive without problems, check into the hotel, have a small lunch (not as good as yesterday by a long shot), have a nap, explore the small town, do an aperitif, play cards, and have dinner.

The hotel is a massive contrast to the Balma Meris. This one is trying too hard for the old rustic luxury atmosphere, particularly in the dining room. Not so much our style, but it's clean, the beds are comfy, and the people are friendly. Could be much worse. :-)

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