Saturday, May 07, 2011

Hägendorf -> Waldenburg

Got a late start today, so we decided to do something close by. The Teufelschlucht has been on the list since we skipped it a few years ago due to bad weather.

We started in Hägendorf, followed the many signs to the Teufelschlucht, and had a nice walk up through the gorge. We're a bit spoiled at the moment with gorges and so were not really that impressed by this one, but it's still a nice walk. At Allerheiligenberg we stopped for a cool beverage and then took a less direct route to the Belchenflue in order to do a stretch with ladders. Unfortunately we must have turned left too soon above Wuest and consequently missed this stretch... ah well, next time.
From the Belchenflue the path took us down to the Chilchizimmersattel and its parking lot and then back up to the ridge on the other side, past Geissflue, and Lauchflue, and along the Rehag to Gerstelflue. This is a really good example of Jura ridge hiking... very nice. At the end of the ridge we pass a small group learning climbing and then head down to the old castle, which we'd visited before. From there it's less than 20 minutes to Waldenburg and the train towards home.

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