Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter hike in the Jura day 2: Le Soliat -> Ste. Croix

The day starts as a repeat of the trip from four years ago, but backwards. We walk back to the cliffs and then along the edge to the highest point. Plenty of people camping along the way. A while along the ridge and then slowly down towards a really nice broad path along the side of the mountain. Eventually, and unfortunately, this becomes a road for a while. Still, we head on through Les Rochats and onwards to La Combaz. Here we decide to take a bit of a side trip and head down to the Pouetta Raisse: it's hard to say no to two gorges in two days!

At the gorge we do the first couple hundred meters (through the steep, tight bit) and then have a quick lunch break up at the top.
From here it's onward, and upwards, along the trail to the Chasseron. As one would expect, there are plenty of people up top here (unexpectedly, the hotel is closed). The views over the Jura are excellent, but of course the Alps aren't visible. After another snack we continue along the ridge,
over the Petites Roches, then along and down to Les Avattes where a cool drink awaits. The last bit for the day is a nice direttissima descent through the woods to Ste. Croix.

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