Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moutier -> Baerschwil

The forecast called for sun in the morning and then clouds and rain in the afternoon, so we wanted some flexibility. Andrea found a nice-sounding description of a long hike from Moutier to Delemont, so that's what we opted to do. To try and minimize chances of getting caught in the rain, we end up doing an early start and get a train at 6:30

Starting from Moutier, the path leads us out of town and then up, up to the broad, flat top of the Mont Raimeux. Along the way we get some nice views back to the Arete de Moutier where we had practiced climbing back in April. Up top we can enjoy the great views and the really clear day. As we continue to gently climb, the Alps come into view (somewhat hazy, but clearly visible)... ahhhh, the Alps! :-)

We head on, past the SAC hut (closed), through Raimeux de Grandval, and then to the peak and its tower.

From the tower we enjoy a rare view: the Alps, the Jura, the Schwarzwald, and the Vosges are all visible.

After a bit of time enjoying the view, we head on and down to Rebeuvelier and then onward through the gorge and across the valley to Vicques (nice lunch break in the gorge on the way). By now we've decided not to do the somewhat boring looking bit through the valley to Delemont, so from town we head up to the Retemberg. The last climb of the day takes to the ridge, past the Naturfreundehaus (another food break here), and then over the Röstigrat. ;-)

Down a bit, and then along, under the occasional cliff, to Vögeli, and then steeply down into Bärschwil and the bus back home.

Amazing thing today: despite how good the views were and how stable the weather ended up being, we didn't see any other hikers.

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