Sunday, April 13, 2008

Walking through the Bärlauch: Grellingen -> Meltingen

The goal for today was to do a relatively short (the forecast wasn't particularly good) hike that included some Bärlauch gathering. Andrea proposed a that we pick up from the end of an earlier hike and go from Grellingen to Meltingen. This turned out to be a Wandern mit dem U-Abo hike that includes the comment "in the Spring the entire valley is a giant Bärlauch carpet". That sounded good!

The hike was really, really nice. The valley (canyon, really) is at times quite tight, at times very broad. The path runs along a nice stream, the woods are nice, the weather wasn't too bad (no rain, sometimes sun). And the whole thing was completely covered in Bärlauch. Bärlauch as far as the eye could see. I filled my collecting bag pretty quickly and decided to show a bit of restraint. We can always get more next weekend if we run out. :-)
Total walking time 2.5 hours. About 300 vertical meters.

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