Saturday, March 29, 2008

Snowshoeing around Würzweli

After last weekend's disappointment we both really wanted to get up into the mountains. Luckily this time the weather cooperated with us.

We took various pieces of public transportation to Dallenwil and then the gondola up to Würzweli (1227m). Conveniently for us snowshoe folks: the ski stuff is closed, so it was just us slow walkers.

We did a (mild) Andrea special and immediately climbed up to the Horn (1511m), where we had a nice view out over Titlis and the Walenstöcke. Following the panorama way we ended up at the Gummen knob (1614m), where we enjoyed a light lunch while soaking up the panoramic views and watching some paragliders getting set up to go. After lunch it was off a bit further along the ridge to Egg (1675m). There we enjoyed the antics of a large group (8 or so) of paragliders; boy does that look fun.
After a very enjoyable descent to Dürrenboden (1362m) we walked around a bit longer and then headed back through the (by that point) very wet snow to the gondola station and home.

Of course we forgot sunscreen, so we're both a bit crispy after a day in the sun. Ah well... it was a great day.

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