Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tourists in Granada

After a "taxi-airplane-bus-bus-bus" journey (~ 7h) we arrived in Granada Sat. afternoon.

We spent the rest of Saturday walking through the down-town area, being amazed by the touristy crowds, visiting La Capilla Real (the final resting place of the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella),eating at various places at various times, walking up and up and down the Albaicin, enjoying the views and the crowds on the terrace of San Nicolás,...

Sunday was Alhambra-day.

Monday morning took us on a long walk outside of the center, halfway up the Sacromonte, more wanderings of Albaicin. We took the bus to Cadiar in the Alpujarras in the afternoon.

Alhambra: Patio de los Leones

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