Friday, September 04, 2009

Romania: Travel Day

Painless flight to from Zurich to Bucharest, which has a reasonable, though very small, airport. Lots of waiting for the minibus, which drives through the outskirts of town for a few minutes, then turns off on a dirt road and drops us off at a platform in the middle of nowhere for the train into town. The "Schienenbus" gets us to Bucaresti Nord, where we have 30 minutes to track down something to eat and some water before heading out onto the platform to wait for the train to Brasov. After a nice attempt at a scam when boarding (someone leading us to the wrong seats and then asking for a tip), but we eventually settle in for the long, hot train ride. A lot of the way is under construction, so we end up standing still a lot, but eventually get to Brasov with only a 30 minute delay. The bus takes us into town. Unplanned city tour as we try and find our hotel. Eventually, after much sweating, we get there: 12+ hours after leaving home. phew!

Quick change, then back into town for dinner (LP's comment that restaurants in Romania close early certainly didn't apply in any of the towns we were in). We find nice outdoor seating in the (big) pedestrian zone, soak up the Friday evening rush (really), and enjoy some quite good pizza. Atmosphere is definitely South European. After dinner we wander around a bit and wonder at the big concert event on the main square. Then back up to our pensione for a good night's sleep. About the Pensiunea Montana: very nice colorful decor, comfortable room, nice balcony, very cool place.

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