Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Romania: Cab. Trei Brazi -> Busteni

After much changing of minds and discussion we set out for some cabana near the Bucegi massif -- it's not quite clear which one yet, we'll play that by ear. The weather is still pretty bad: low clouds and something between very high humidity and drizzle. We pretty quickly ascend to the little peak near the cabana and then head down, down, down in the forest on tracks. Not too much mud (yay!) so we make good time to the road where we turn right and follow for a bit to the turnoff to Cab. Dirham. Now it's muddy again, at times very muddy.
Part of the way is along a truly horrible newly cut dirt road for some resort construction. We continue up through the clouds (low again) in the mud; it's cold, spirit-sapping weather: there should be great views all around but we aren't seeing anything.
We finally reach the cabana around noon and stop for a cup of tea. The nice lady dumps a shot of tuica in, so it's warming and comforting... mmm, sweet, hot, alcohol-laden tea. At this point we decide that staying up near the massif makes no sense, so we decide to head down to Busteni and its tourist office for a weather report and to decide what to do in general.

We head out along the road/track for a bit to a junction and clearing where it takes some looking around to find the path. Down, down, down through the woods (full of crazy mushrooms). After a quick, cold, late lunch break along the way we make it do the Cab. Guha Dirham at the valley bottom. From here it's follow the road (yuck!) to the edge of Busteni. Then into town and to the main street. Of course there's no tourist office and the train to Brasov doesn't leave for another hour+. We decide to just stay in Busteni and see what the next day brings. Not in the best of spirits at this point.

The hotel (Hotel Stella) is a relic from the 70s or 80s that at one time was "fancy" but has definitely seen better days. Still, you can sleep there; and we do.

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