Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laufen -> Nunningen

The weather forecast didn't really permit a longer trip in the mountains this weekend, so we went for a day hike in "our" mountains. The trip was "planned" mainly to fill a hole in our Jura hikes map. We now have a connection that runs from Moutier all the way to Basel. :-)

After starting in Laufen, we headed up out of town along the Planetenweg, around the Stürmenchopf, down through Grindel (after a short break outside of town) and then back up to the ridge. Along the ridge to Oberbergli where we had a very nice lunch break in the Berggasthaus :
Greg: I'll have the Hogge Wurst
Waitress: Sliced or whole?
Greg: [thinks for a bit] hmmm, I don't know what it is.
Waitress: [laughs] It's a smoked sausage
Greg: Then sliced!
After lunch it was down and through Erschwil, then up again to the ridge and along to Meltingenberg. From there down a bit to then ruins of the Gilgenberg castle before heading the rest of the way down to Nunningen.

It was a good day in the Jura, with the usual kinds of nice views:
We like our mountains. :-)


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