Friday, May 01, 2009

Wolfschlucht-> Erschwil

The main planning for this trip was to start by going through the Wolfschlucht, a really nice gorge near Welschenrohr. Of course it was also an Andrea special : tram, train, train, train, bus, 500 vertical meters. :-)
After the gorge onwards to Tannmatt (where the restaurant was closed) further on to G├╝ggel (where the restaurant was closed), further along with a diversion to the Stierenberg (where the restaurant was NOT closed... lunch!). Then on to Hohe Winde where one would have had a wonderful view if the day wasn't hazy, along one of the stretches of the Jurahohenweg and then down to Erschwil and the bus back.

A very, very nice day in the Jura.

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