Sunday, September 23, 2007

Geissflue and Wasserflue

This walk is partially taken from Wandern mit den U-Abo; we extended it a bit at the end.

After starting in Zeglingen (535m) we went up to the Geissflue (963m) by way of Flueberg and Schaffmatt. The supposedly great views from the Geissflue weren't there today; it was way too hazy to see either the Vogesen or the Alps. The Schwarzwald was barely discernible.

From Geissflue we walked down to Salhöhe (772m), where we stopped for lunch before continuing on to Wasserflue (844m). Again, the very nice views one could enjoy from here just weren't there today.

We finished by walking down to Aarau (382m) by way of Hinterfeld, Hardmännliloch, and Hungerberg.

Not counting lunch we walked for about five hours.

It was very amusing to be walking in a highly populated area again. Sooooo many people on the paths! :-)

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