Monday, August 21, 2017

Greenland trip day 3: another holding day, but with a walk

It's raining again in the morning so we opt after breakfast to wait and see what happens. Quiet morning. Around noon John suggests a hike around the island to stretch our legs and see a bit. Everyone is a bit cabin feverish, so this is well received. We put on the wet weather gear (it's still drizzling) and head out through town and a bit towards the airport and then off and around the other side of the lake.
heading out
Up a bit, past the old reindeer "fence" and then across a fantastic moor towards the sea. This is a completely new type of terrain for us. Just remarkable. Very lush in it sway with loads of moss and lichen of many different types. Soft, soft ground and rounded granite/gneiss all around. Fantastic! We head a bit towards the sea then head up a small "peak" to enjoy the view. Crazy lichen-covered stones to the top and then a view out to the partially mist-covered ocean with stone islands and icebergs all around. Magical.
Now back down and around the small valley before heading up to the ridge again and onto a few small peaks with wonderful views. The the last of these we get a view down to Kulusuk. We head a bit further along the ridge and then down to town and back to the house. We still haven't headed off on the expedition we're here for, but it was a really fantastic walk through wild terrain. Fun fun stuff.
view down to Kulusuk

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