Saturday, August 19, 2017

Greenland trip day 1: arrival day

After a night of poor sleep we get up, do some packing, have a nice breakfast, and then head out to the domestic airport. It's Marathon Day in Reykjavik, so there are loads of people about. We walk (!) to the airport which is really not much more than a bus terminal. After checking in and clearing security we head into the teeny waiting room with loads of other people (There are two flights waiting). We eventually board the smallish prop plane and then are on our way. The flight is painless and the views for the last 15 minutes are inspiring! Arriving at the very minimal airport near Kulusuk is amazing. The views! The landscape!
We are in Greenland!
baggage claim
John meets us and the other three from our group (Icelanders) who we had not yet met but had successfully identified in the waiting area earlier. Our bags go into "town" via ATV and we walk in. It really is different and wonderful. We are in Greenland! Once at the lodge we do a bit of briefing, have lunch, stroll around town for a bit and then walk to a nearby crag to do some climbing. This is great climbing with the heavy boots on. Lovely gneiss, good stuff! We do this for a while to have fun and let John assess us then head back to the lodge for a rest and a snack. More hanging out and then a great meal with a big group (a group of 10 + 2 guides who are finishing a two week expedition). After some more ogling at the views we head off to bed.
We *are* in Greenland!

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