Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hiking the Ligurian Coast: Camogli -> Rapallo

Scrambling along rocks to tourist madness in 60 minutes or less

After a coffee on the promenade and a self-organized yogurt breakfast in our room, we head up and out of town along a surprisingly well marked path. Up, up, to San Rocco. There we make an executive decision to take the more difficult ("expert hikers only") scenic route around the peninsula. After a nice bit through the woods with great views we get to the sign that things will start getting more difficult; and they did. Down, down, down, with some exposed bits and scrambling along rocks with chains to hold on to, until we get down to about 20m above the sea.
Then up, up, up again, at first in the sun then later through the woods to the saddle. From there it was another batch of down, down, down towards San Fruttuoso. Along the way we take a quick energy-bar break off the path and "admire" the groups walking by.

Once we hit the frantic tourist madness of San Fruttuoso we top off the water bottles and then head out as quickly as possible. Up, up to the next saddle: Base 0. From there along through the woods and some sun (always changing) to the gardens and houses of Casa del Prato. (Why isn't there a place to stop and have a beer on a terrace overlooking the sea here???) From there on through a chestnut forest, down past an old mill, through olives, finally into Santa Margherita.

Stop for a quick beverage, then on through town and the beach tourist madness via a complicated (but very well described) route to Rapallo: up stairs, down stairs, up stairs, down stairs, along the beach, up stairs, down stairs, there! After checking into the hotel and having a brief rest, it's off to explore a bit and have a nice dinner before calling it a day.


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