Saturday, May 16, 2009

16-24 May: hiking the Ligurian coast

A week-long hiking trip down the coast of Liguria.

  1. travel to Camogli
  2. Camogli -> Rapallo
  3. Rapallo -> Chiavari
  4. Chiavari -> Sestri Levante
  5. Sestri Levante -> Moneglia
  6. Moneglia -> Levanto
  7. Levanto -> Manarola
  8. Manarola -> La Spezia
  9. travel back to Basel
Andrea organized most of this from the book "Cinque Terre und ligurische K├╝ste" by Christoph Hennig. This book was a great resource and guide for the trip.

Overall track:


Mac McCoig said...


Can you recommend an English Guide book and maps, please?

Mac McCoig

greg landrum said...

Unfortunately not, we used the German book listed and didn't really look for (or at) books in English.

Mac McCoig said...

Ah, shame - I don't speak German to the extent I could read a book. My partner and I were looking at this coastal path. Is there about 7 or 8 days hiking here for experienced walkers? We have previously backpacked most of the Lycean Way in Turkey, so are quite experienced walkers/lightweight campers.