Sunday, March 22, 2009

Up to the Hohture

Our schedule was somewhat constrained by the fact that the last bus back towards Brig left at 3pm, so this was a short day.

After a nice stretch through the woods along the still-empty slopes of the Rothwald ski area to Wase we turned off the slopes and looped around the woods to Wintrigmatte. From there it's a zig-zag up a few hundred meters to the North end of the ridge. A short bit along the ridge and we made it to the peak. After a short break there enjoying the marvelous views with a group of Italians, it was back the way we came. We did a quick lunch sitting in the snow in Wase and then went back through the woods to the Rothwald Post bus stop where we had a very nice cool beverage sitting in the sun and impressed an older Swiss ski-touring couple with our preparedness (the fact that a couple of snowshoers would have LVS equipment with them was quite a surprise).

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