Saturday, March 21, 2009

A sunny day on the Spitzhorli

Beautiful weather + plenty of snow + a fantastic view = another good trip for people afraid of being alone in the mountains. :-)

We set off from the Simplon Kulm bus stop and walked a ways along the road before finding reasonable access to the snow. From there, aside from one mildly unpleasant south-face traverse it was smooth sailing along the well-trod path to the Usseri Nanzlicke and then up the ridge to the Spitzhorli. We had lunch in the sun a bit shy of the peak with great views to the South. After the large group of French touring skiiers time cleared out, we went up to the top and took in the view to the North. Well, Andrea took it in and took pictures; Greg stayed for about a minute before the wind drove him back. The trip back was more or less the same, but with a short direttisma stretch to skip the unpleasant traverse.

A very nice day in the sun and snow.

Note for later: this was Andrea's first trip with her new shoes.

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