Saturday, June 23, 2018

Along the Niesengrat: Niesen to Steinschlaghore

This one has been on the list for a few years, but we've not managed to find the right combination of appropriate weather, schedule, and conditions to allow us to do it.

We opted to be "lazy" and take the first funicular of the day up to the Niesen. From here we follow the path down to saddle and then follow the use trail further along the ridge. This is a friendly tour: the trickiest bit is right at the beginning:
The bit of scrambling at the beginning that's the most difficult part of the tour
Someone has installed a couple of steel grips on this wall though, so though it's exposed, it's not actually a hard scramble at all.

The rest of the tour is just a wonderful example of a T5 ridge hike: awesome views, a bit of light scrambling, steep climbs and descents, narrow scary bits, everything you could want.
There are some other bits that are plenty exposed though!
The weather played along for most of the day, but clouds started to move in as it got later, so we opted to descend once we got to the Steinschlaghore and connected the line from this tour to the one from our last trip along the Niesengrat.
Clouds and ridges... :-)
What an awesome tour!


Stats: 15km, 1400m up, 2900m down

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