Saturday, May 05, 2018

Climbing on the Ruettelhorn

Hike, climb, hike. :-)

Fun day taking advantage of the good weather. The idea was to find a place with easier routes next to harder routes so that we could practice the harder routes in top rope. We kind of did that at the beginning, but then just switched over to climbing.

The hike down to the bus stop ended being a bit of a jog since the time was short. Still, we made it with 30 seconds to spare and had a good giggle once on the bus.

Routes done:
Sektor Gelbe Wand: Bingo 5b, attempts at Bongo 5c, greg only Ameisenplatte (not 5b but 4b)
Sektor Teufel: Teufelsgr├Ątli 5a & Eggli 5a (MSL)
Sektor Platte: andrea only Altjahr 5b & Linke Platte 5c


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