Sunday, August 20, 2017

Greenland trip day 2: embarkation day (or not)

After not seeing the Northern Lights the night before (it took us too long to get outside after Matt woke us up) we awake to low clouds and drizzle. This changes to rain as the morning goes on. The plan is to load all our stuff into a boat in the late morning and then to head across the bay to a valley next to the glacier. We'll spend a few days there practicing and doing some peaks before moving further up the coast to another base camp.

The morning is spent packing and handling logistics as we wait for the tide to come in. The rain doesn't let up though. The forecast has been bad, then a bit better, but the reality just isn't very nice. Eventually we decide to just sit things out in town rather than heading over and setting up camp in the wet. We need to make space in the lodge, so we move over to another older and rustic (though still quite reasonable) house, have lunch, and spend the rest of the afternoon taking it easy. A bit of napping, some reading, a short walk when the rain lessens, etc.

After a nice meal and some more sitting around talking we head off to bed, hoping for better weather.
Kulusuk in the rain

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