Thursday, April 13, 2017

Running in the Croatan National Forest

Inspired by how nice (and flat) the trails were the previous day, we decided to do some trail-running.

We really were completely unprepared for this, so we had to pick up a backpack to use as well as doing the usual lunch shopping.

The route starts as the same type of nice trail as the day before: all under the trees, nicely soft, a few roots to dodge.  There are some muddy bits later that require  slowing down to navigate, but nothing too bad. At some point we come out into a clearing and the trail is suddenly somewhat more difficult to follow and overgrown, after the second encounter with  unpleasant thorns we drop to a fast walk. We manage to lose the trail and get to do a somewhat adventurous marshy stream crossing, but afterwards the path is right there.

After an hour we hit a good spot for lunch, so we stop there. Cool snake spotting at the beginning of the break, but after he takes off (before Andrea can get a decent picture!) we find relatively comfy places to sit and  enjoy a good lunch. This is a somewhat longer break than normal and we start back with well rested legs.

It's the same trail back (though better handling of that stream crossing since we don't lose the trail) and then we enjoy another break and chance to cool our feet in the river before hopping back in the car and driving on.

The track:

Stats: 15km, ~170m

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