Saturday, August 29, 2015

Martinsmadhütte via the Mittetaghorn

We tried this tour last year, but ended up not doing the peak because the weather was crap. This time the weather is pretty much perfect. After the train, train, train, bus trip we do the same beginning as last time, but instead of turning off to Nideren at around 1620m, we continue on along the very nice, shady path. At Firstboden we come out from the trees and continue with great views under the sun. We do a short food break and rest on a quiet (we're not alone in the mountains today!) step above Firstboden and then continue on our way. Now we're on the ridge and it's getting steeper. The blue-white path is well used, easy to follow, and not particularly blue-white as it takes us up, up, up along the ridge and over a couple steps. After another couple of hundred meters of climbing we reach the top, which we have to ourselves, and enjoy another break. Ah! the views!
looking ahead to the Mittetaghorn
great views from the top
After the break and plenty of views, we walk a bit further along the ridge and then follow the path down the other side towards the Martinsmadhütte. This path is at first pretty steep, but there's no real scrambling, and it softens out pretty quickly. A bit more walking later and we're at the Martinsmadhütte. We have some cool beverages, enjoy some cake, and generally laze around enjoying the weather for the few hours until it's dinner time. The food is, once again, quite good. Too bad this is the hut warden's last year! Unsurprisingly on a great-weather weekend, the hut is full, but with a capacity of only 40, things are still not insane. We hang out for a bit after a post-dinner stroll and then head off to bed for an early(ish) start the next day.


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