Thursday, July 09, 2015

Climbing around the Bächlitalhütte

Today is a climbing day. We make an early start of it in order to avoid the kid-chaos, and then head out. We opt not to start with Büchelplatten, figuring that 7 pitches at mostly 4c is a bit heavy as a kick off and go to sector Platten instead (fun walk down to the start point there!). The route Späck u Brot is a great "getting started" route for the granite slabs in this area; we have a blast, though with the clouds and the breeze it does end up being "a bit" chilly.

After heading back to the hut we head to a sector with an assortment of single-pitch routes: Heidiland-Steinfrau. This takes a bit of finding, but we manage it and do several routes (Sandweg, Sunneschijn, ...). After a lunch break (in the sun!) we head back to the hut for some cake and a bit of rest, then we follow the rough trail and the arrows down, down, down to the start of the Schwarzwälderplatten sector. Here we do another multi-pitch slab route (Menu 1), this time wearing our boots instead of the climbing shoes. It's not a difficult route and we both have an absolute blast; it's fun to do these kinds of routes in boots. One of the amusing things about the two routes in this sector is that they both end about 30m from the hut (they are only-half-jokingly described as a possible approach to the hut), so the walk back is nice and short. 

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