Sunday, September 07, 2014

Returning to Lake Ediza: Overview

Five days backpacking in Ansel Adams National Wilderness with our friend Chris.

We visited Lake Ediza with Chris nine years ago. This time we did the hike in the other direction and added some extras. After nine years there should be some extras. :-)

The days:
  1. Devil's Postpile to Minarets Lake
  2. Minarets Lake to Lake Ediza
  3. Climbing Mt. Ritter
  4. Lake Ediza to Thousand Island Lake
  5. Thousand Island Lake to Agnew Meadows
Aside from the addition of crampons and ice axes for the Ritter climb, our packs were more-or-less the same as what we had with us for the six days on the SHR. We also followed the same frequent-snacking-instead-of-lunch strategy.

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