Saturday, April 12, 2014

Davoser Spielwochenende

Two days of gaming in Davos. A large number of people and tons and tons of games. Big fun!

Some of the things we played:
  1. Guildhall (works well with 2)
  2. Libertalia (played with 5. have played this before at Tom's)
  3. Packet Row (fun with 4!)
  4. Töggeli-Trophy (silly, easy card game)
  5. Bang! The dice game (not particularly entertaining)
  6. Port Royal (was fun)
  7. Käse Würfeln (lightweight, silly)
  8. Love Letters (bad with two. Tom says it only works with four)
  9. Northwest passage (played this multiple times at Tom's. It's a good game)
  10. Pagoda (played with two, was fun and quite pretty)
  11. Tortuga (played with two, not so sure about this one)
  12. Azteka (played with three; more work than game)
  13. Nada! (reaction dice game; not so much)
  14. Game over ("Memory" with cute cards... not our kind of game)
  15. Kashgar Händler der Seidenstrasse (played with two... might be more fun after you've played a few times and know what the cards are)
  16. Han (played with two. This one is simple but needs to be played more than once to really get it)
  17. Voll Schaf (played with three... fast, interactive, and very fun).

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