Sunday, September 08, 2013

Japan vacation, hiking day five.

When we wake up it's still raining like hell, so we take an unplanned rest day and just spend another night at the hut. It's a quiet day of reading, flipping through Japanese mountain magazines, and playing games on the ipad. 

In the afternoon it actually clears up, so we head outside at around 3:30 to stretch our legs and climb up to the first shoulder of the Yakushidake. As we are on our way down, it starts to sprinkle. Oh hell! Not wet again! We walk really fast/jog the rest of the way down and manage to get back to the hut with only slightly damp jackets.
Random aside: lots of the folks staying in the hut were there to climb the Yakushidake (one of the hundred famous mountains); they were not to be dissuaded by the torrential rain, so a bunch of them went ahead and climbed it, leaving at 4am to be there for a sunrise that was certainly not visible. They came back soaked, but happy. It takes all kinds. :-)

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