Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sunnbüel to Engstligenalp

The gondola drops us at Sunnbüel (last time we were here, everything was covered in snow) and we set out after tightening shoes, attaching came turning on the beeper, all the usual stuff. The trail starts down to Winteregg, from there we start climbing the wall on the other side of the valley. We manage to distract ourselves by watching some climbers and lose the trail, but it's easy enough to find again. The trail takes us up, up the valley side, with great views down to Kandersteg and across to the Bluemlisalphorn, steeply at points, until we come out onto the ridge (Üschenegrat). More nice views from here, across the valley is the path up to the Bundnerchrinde. Our route takes us the valley side, under the rocks at the top of the ridge, and up into the very pretty Üschenetal. Nice walking on a good trail, past sheep, great views, quite alone. 
At various points we get close to the edge and have views out over the Spittelmatte, the valley that runs between Sunnbüel and the Gemmi pass (plenty of people down there), and across to the Tatelishorn, Altels, Balmhorn, and Rinderhorn. After climbing up to and crossing the Wyssi Flue, we descend to the pass above the small lake at Tschalmeten. Now it's a path directly under the black rocks (Schwarzgrätli), past a very cool indentation (almost cave) where water was pouring out from the rocks, and then around and up into the next high valley. Up the wall of this we go, over the Tälliseeli (not so small) to the ridge (Entschligegrat). More great views down to Engstligenalp and across to the back of the Wildstrubel. Now it's along the ridge, around the Tschingellochtighore, then down the ridge on the other side to Engstligenalp, the crowds, and our hotel. We have a cool beverage, check in, rest for a bit, wander around some, plan the next day's route, eat, and then crash for the evening.

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