Saturday, July 13, 2013

From Sustenpass to Sustlihuette

After an early start we do the train-train-bus thing and end up at the Sustenpass after something like four hours of travel.

Our plan is to take the blue-white alpine path over the Gufernjoch and then traverse to the Sustlih├╝tte, our beds for the night.

After 10-15 minutes on the path we hit the first patch of snow. No problem to get across that. The second patch is bigger and steeper, so we pack away the sticks and break out our ice axes. After crossing a couple more snow fields we get a good view of the next bit of our route and realize that it involves a long traverse of a quite steep section that is completely snow covered. Hrm, no good. We could break out the crampons, but that wouldn't be much fun, and we have no idea what the other side of the pass looks like. Given that this the the south face and the other side is north-facing, it's likely worse than this side. Sensible decision: turn back. That's what we do.
Back at the pass we decide to take the path down to the valley floor and then back up to Chli Sustli and on to the hut. Nice walking here without too much snow and lots of flowers. At some point we do a nice lunch break and then continue on. At the turnoff we head up to the street, cross, and then continue on the Leiterli path up to the hut. This is a nice steep direttisima with a few ladders thrown in for spice.
We are at the hut after not too long. After checking in and having a cool beverage we do a bit of wandering around, have a nap in the sun, enjoy the views, and generally relax until it is dinner time. We have a very good view of this side of the Gufernjoch and it looks completely insane - good that we didn't do that!. After a very good meal we are in bed pretty early, as usual.

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