Saturday, June 08, 2013

Along the Simmeflue

We finally had a Saturday without rain! Time to get out and do something fun in the mountains!

The parameters: we both want to do something interesting/challenging; there's still a lot of snow, so we don't want to get up too high; there may be thunderstorms in the later afternoon, so not too long. Andrea has just the thing on her ToDo list: the Simmeflue over Wimmis. This isn't in any of our books, but there are plenty of descriptions on

We start at Wimmis with a few other groups (no big surprise: good weather + not overly technical + comparatively short + good views = no fear of being lonesome) and follow the signs to Brodh├╝si. Marked path along a dirt road snaking up the hill under trees until the blue-white marked path leads us steeply up. This is great hiking: steep, shaded, great path, great views, not overly warm. It's not really T4+ though... 30 seconds after Greg points this out we get to a steeper section with a cable. ;-)
up up up
Up, up, up we go. After a bit we come out from under the trees and hit a more T4 bit: steeply up along the cliffs with cables to hang on to. Really nice going here: sometimes relatively flat, sometimes steep, sometimes under trees, sometimes in the sun, scrambling sections, very nice. We check out the Adlerhorst (nice sheltered benches with views) and then head on. The next bit is pretty exposed and steep, but the steps are great and where there aren't good handholds, there's always the cable. Up, up, up, playing a "no use of hands" game as balance training, past a fork in the path, up to a saddle, and then the last bit up to the first peak of the Simmeflue. It's not as crowded up here as one might expect (only 6 other people). We do an energy bar break and enjoy the views, head back down to the fork, and then head further along the ridge. At the next stoneman we turn upwards again to get to the next little peak on the ridge (the Mittagflue). This time the path isn't as quite as well trodden (yay!) and we have the peak to ourselves. Enjoy the views (also back to the first peak, a couple pictures, then back down to the path and further along. 
view from the Mittagflue
Once again, turn at the next stoneman and up to the next peak. We don't have this one to ourselves (four other people), but it's lunchtime and there's plenty of room, so we do a lunch break. Then it's back down to the path and further along the ridge. Even the main trail is not particularly well used at this point (seems like most people must go directly back down to Wimmis): plenty of downed trees obstructing the trail. We skip the next peak (sounds like there's some kind of tree clearing going on up there) and continue along the ridge.

After more very nice walking we come out into the open pasture above Chrindi (our first "cowbells ahead; cows in the pasture" bit of the year) and continue along the contour towards Heiti. At the fork in the path we take another break (mmm, laying in a pasture in the afternoon sun!) and then start heading down. Nice gentle descending for a bit, then turning down through a very cool gorge with water coming in from all over the place. Down, down, until we hit Allmede then along to Erlenbach. We've got some time, so we enjoy a cool beverage at the restaurant and then grab the next train towards home.

A very nice hike. Boy was it great to be outside and moving again!


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