Monday, May 20, 2013

Hiking in Abruzzo: Navelli -> Pescosansonesco

Another 8am breakfast, this time not so satisfying, but at least some decent bread and local jam. Then onward! Out of town, along the road for a bit, then some amusing Hennig paths and scrambling around. Another nice day with warm sun and cool breezes. This would be tough going if it were actually hot. Past olive groves, through scrub woods, following traces of paths, steeply down into a valley and picking up a real path. Taking the wrong fork in the road (probably), realizing that and cutting through an olive grove to get to the right path, up to the ridge and then down into Capestrano.
through one of the olive groves
We can't resist a coffee break on the piazza, then stop at the alimentari on the way out to get some decent bread. Very fun steep, winding road down out of town and then across and down past farms and fields into the valley.
Past the church across the road, over to the big road, follow the new road (too much road!) past the lake, divert onto a Hennig path (had to look for this one, we so wanted to get off the road that we kept trying too early) and up toward Capo d'Acqua. Skirt around town and then head up some more. Lunch in one of the few shady spots we could find, then up, up, to the reservoir where the real climb to the pass, Forca di Penne, starts.

on the way to the Forca di Penne
Up, up, up we go on a rough dirt road. Sometimes shady, sometimes in the sun, through the woods, up, up, up. Past the next reservoir (the spring here isn't flowing... damn!) and then up, up to the Forca di Penne.

We enjoy the views for a short bit, then along the road to the ruined tower and great views out the other way, including the Adriatic. A nice rest and some energy bar and then farther on. Around the hill, nice views, some open, some forest, until reaching the spring below the Capo d'Acqua (another one) farmhouse. Onward along the ridge past fields of lily-like flowers that we need to try to identify, along the open ridge with nice views to both sides, and then descending, down, down, along a road you definitely don't want to use after rain until we get to Pescosansonesco. Some adventure figuring out where our converted monastery hostel is (it's tough without decent network connections!) but we find our way there, have a glass of wine, showers, and a nap.

Good simple vegetarian dinner in the B&B and then to bed with happy stomachs.


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