Thursday, September 06, 2012

Seilschaft coaching Day 5: unplanned rest day

The day's plan is to head up to the Piz Bernina. Greg isn't feeling 100% and is concerned after the fitness problems of the last two days, so he decides to stay in the hut (it was pretty clear the night before that this was going to happen). Andrea starts out planning to go but after looking at the weather (cloudy and very windy) decides to wimp out as well. So we both stay back as the other three leave at around 7:30. We're still sitting there when they come back after 20 minutes: the weather was just too crappy, so they decided to hang out in the hut until it improves (which it's supposed to do). We have some time, so we do the trip planning for Day 6 early as the weather slowly improves. The other three set out again at 10:30 and complete the climb.
Rifugio Marco e Rosa

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