Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tour around the Piz Segnas and Piz Sardona Day 2: Sardonahuette->Elm

Since the weather is supposed to get worse over the course of the day, we get up earlyish (not as early as the folks doing Hochtours, of course) and are underway by 7:15. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the temperature is good, the valley is beautiful... ah! nice walking!

The path towards the Heubuetzlipass leads us around the side of the valley at more or less the same height. It's mostly green and we have great views around the valley. After the steep, but short, climb to the pass we enjoy the panoramic views for a bit before descending a bit and then contouring around the bowl to the Muotatalsattel. Another set of great views to enjoy from here (including the Foopass in the distance) and then we do the steep descent into the Muotatal. Through the green, green valley to the end and then descending to Alp Foo (Greg loves it!) before climbing again through the Footal to the Foopass itself. There a lunch break enjoying the views looking back, then through the pass and down towards Raminer Matt. Along the way we find a nice sunny, grassy spot and take a quick nap. :-)

From Raminer Matt onwards we're mostly on gravel road the rest of the way down into Elm. The views are nice (particularly of a couple of high waterfalls coming down from the Piz Sardona-Piz Segnas ridge), but it would be nicer to be on a path rather than a road. Ah well...

Our timing is pretty good: we get to Elm about 15 minutes before the next bus back home and the rain starts while we're on the platform of the train station in Schwanden. Not bad!

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