Saturday, March 05, 2011

Snowshoeing in the Diemtigtal, day 1

After a bit of tram->train->train->bus we arrive in Grimmialp at around 10. From there we head along the Seggibach and up into the fantastic bowl of the Grimmital. As you'd expect on a beautiful weather day: there are tons of people out on skis. We climb through the valley and up to the Grimmifurggi where, after a quick lunch break, we decide it makes more sense to head back down than to complete the last 300m to the Rauflihore (Andrea is just recovered from a bout of the flu and isn't at full strength).

Back more or less the way we came to the hotel where we enjoy a cool beverage in the sun before having a quiet evening. Not a huge amount of walking today, and lots and lots of other people about, but it was great to be out walking in the sun.

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