Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in the Fideriser Heuberge: Day 1

The original plan was to hike from the valley up to the hotel; unfortunately the weather made that unappealing: freezing rain in the valley and very low clouds... Yeachs!

No panic though, we called the hotel and asked them to pick us up with their bus and bring us up... Easy easy. After the adventurous bus ride up we check in and then put on the snowshoes and head out for a bit of exercise. The clouds are still super low and there's nothing to see, but at least it is snowing instead of raining. We head past the ski slopes and up hill a bit towards the Arflinafurgga before deciding that it's kind of pointless to be hiking towards a high point when there's nothing to see. The visibility is at that interesting, almost white-out stage where one can see the feet, but not really where you are putting them.
Fun for a while, kind of tiring after it's been going on for a bit. Fun part for Greg when he takes a step over an unseen edge and ends up sliding a good meter into a ditch.

On the way back we do a nice lunch break near a sheep hut and then make our way back to the hotel for a good rest before heading down to the restaurant for games and, eventually fondue. Very nice fondue chinoise, salad, fries, and dessert... Good eating in a really nice christmasy atmosphere. :-)

After the meal, to recover a bit, we did a nice night walk through the dark up the slopes a bit. Good to have the fresh air, but not really much to see... That's a theme of sorts.

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