Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hiking above Thun

The weather was supposed to be quite good, so we took the train down to Thun and did a "Spring hike". After a bit along the lake, we headed up through the Cholerenschlucht (always nice to have a gorge in the hike). At the top of the gorge we did a bit along the road then back into the woods. The way back across the gorge was on a cool footbridge (almost a suspension bridge). From there through Heiligenschwendi, around the Winterberg, and then up through the woods to Blueme, where we ran into a Peter and Katja (now that's a funny coincidence). We missed the great views from Blueme since the day was massively hazy; oh well, at least it was sunny.

From Blueme, down past Tschingelallmi, down through Aeschlen, and then finally to Gunten where we enjoyed some refreshment and then took the bus back to Thun.

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