Sunday, June 21, 2009

Liestal -> Pratteln

Another short Jura hike brought on by unstable weather. The plan was to start in Liestal, head towards Bad Schauenburg and then play things by ear.

Just outside of Liestal, Andrea spotted the first wild strawberry. And, unlike last year, they were ripe. Wow! ripe wild strawberries! After a bit of walking and picking and eating we dumped out the Nalgene bottle and started collecting more seriously. By the time we made it to Pratteln we had managed to gather about 400ml of berries.
Between berry-picking stints we had a nice Sunday stroll through the Baselbiet. We did lunch on top of the Schauenburgflue, with views out over Frenkendorf, F├╝llinsdorf, Liestal, and Sissach and then continued on to Egglisgraben for a cool beverage (unfortunately not, there was some kind of riding event going on instead) before heading down into Pratteln and the train back home.

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