Saturday, March 07, 2009

Snowshoeing around Les Rodemonts

This was a trip with the SAC Basel.

After a very early start and a longish train trip to Rougemont (992m), we did a real Andrea special and went more or less straight up to Rodomont Devant (1779m). After a short break with fantastic views, we continued on to Rodomont Derriere (1807m), then up over the hill (1847m) and down (via a traverse of a reasonably steep slope) to Col de la Forcla (1683m). Further along the road pasta Raye du Baillif, La Planche, and Le Pont, and then down into Rougemont.

Conditions were excellent, though the path was fresh almost all the way, so the (rotating) person in the front had to do an awful lot of work.

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