Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snowshoeing : Biel -> Muotathal

This trip, with the Basel SAC, picks up where a previous snowshoeing trip ended.

After a trip to Bürglen that would only be possible in Switzerland (tram, 4 trains, 2 busses, 2 gondolas, all in less than 3 hours!), we started out around the edge of the small ski area and then did our days climbing in a fairly long, but not particularly steep ascent to the Geissgrätli. Back down along the ridge a bit to the Chinzig-Chulm, where we had lunch while enjoying the very nice views.
After lunch, around the valley end a bit, more or less towards the Rossstock, then down the valley floor, past the (snow-covered) Seenalperseeli. Left turn at the valley bottom and then on towards Liplisbüel, along the way we take a quick break (and buy cheese!) at the Seenalp kaserei. Finally down through the woods, along a very nice gorge (though crappy snowshoe hiking - too many rocks), and out into Hinterthal, where we catch the bus.

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