Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hiking in the Jura : Oensingen to Holderbank

This was one of those "stay flexible" days. The idea was to hike from Hägendorf to Oensingen along the Jurahohenweg in order to enjoy the forecasted excellent views. In reality the train into Olten was late, causing us to miss the connection to Hägendorf, so we started in Oensingen. After climbing past the old castle and up to the Roggenflue we discovered that the high fog was higher than it was supposed to be and that the Alps were mostly covered by clouds anyway. Ah well.
We followed the quite nice path along the ridge, occasionally seeing a bit of the Alps off in the distance, until hitting the parking lot for the restaurant at Alp. From there we headed down into the valley to Holderbank, from which we headed home.

Not what we planned, but it was a nice walk in the mountains.

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